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Is “AI” the new “dot com”?

Before you go out and build a bot, think about this… A hefty percentage of the pitches I have seen in the last year include the wordsbot, AI or conversational commerce. I am completely enamored of this technology and ‘platform’ and welcome all pitches on the subject.  However, it feels as if many businesses are […]

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I’m not perfect so STFU

I don’t really know Tony Fadell but I suspect he is a visionary and creative leader, but I am going to pick on him a little. Oh and I also don’t know all the circumstances around the commentary on him and Nest coming from within and outside of google/Nest. So here we go. Owning our […]

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Don’t Even Think about Becoming a VC

at least not yet. I was at Duke interviewing students for a new Freestyle internship program and several students disclosed that they wanted to intern at Freestyle vs our portfolio cos. I cocked my head, smirked and asked “Why”. I heard: “I want to have my hands in lots of pies” “I want to pick […]

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Entrepreneurs: Find Your Yes

“Sorry, this isn’t a match.” “No, I like radio just as it is.” “I’m not a believer in streaming audio.” “I’m a pass.” This was what we heard, in one form or another, 43 times by the spring of 1997 after attempting to raise funding for TheDJ, the first Internet radio service. But first let’s […]

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Dear Founders, There is a race among companies and social networkers to display ever-increasing transparency to all audiences. The confusion betweentransparency and authenticity is starting to give the latter a bad name and that’s a damn shame. The origin of authenticity. It’s likely that Descartes was the first to introduce the expression and he believed […]

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The Bored Room

Dear Founders, Seed stage boards are way overrated. Too much energy between Founder and Investor is wasted negotiating, preparing, approving, calendering, etc. If you need a board meeting to force you to be strategic or elicit engagement from your deadbeat Investors then you have bigger problems. Here are some common Seed Board myths. The Board […]

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DEAR FOUNDERS, You want every acquirer to believe that “companies are bought not sold” but most of you, founders, need to behave as if “companies are sold not bought”. Stay with me. You are the genius founder of your company with a soon-to-be massive global audience and innovative tech that’s changing the world. You are […]

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Unicorn (gag) Seed Round

Dear Founders, I have been asked twice in the last week to opine on what a kick-ass seed round should look like from a founder’s perspective. What’s the ideal valuation, size, angel vs vc, passive vs active, note vs priced, etc? Envelope please. The Lead. Lets start at the top of the funnel. Who you […]

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Josh Felser

Dear Founders

Many of you know Dave and me already. For those that don’t: two guys walked into a conference at the Fairmont Hotel in 1996, bonded over music and two companies and three VC funds later are still close friends and business partners. Hard to believe almost 20 years have passed since Dave and I first […]

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