Hard-Working +

Everything we do — our approach, our experience, our perspective — is focused on long-term success, not short-term gains. We roll up our sleeves, get creative, lead with empathy, and have fun along the way.

Our Team
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High Conviction, Low Volume Investors

Freestyle invests in 10-12 companies each year. This gives us the freedom to work closely with founders, and holistically support our companies.

Invest Early & Lead

We typically lead Seed rounds with a $1.5M — $3M check.

Streamlined & Transparent

We make decisions efficiently, and are 100% transparent with you along the way.


We invest in founders building soon-to-be massive tech companies across many verticals.
Alexi Robichaux
“Jenny is like rocket fuel in human form. She’s a gritty, intelligent, and caring force of nature. She helped us deeply understand the nuances of our business model and gathered scores of benchmarks and ideas from her network to inform our decision-making. She’s endlessly committed and fun to work with!”
Alexi Robichaux Founder/CEO, BetterUP
“Dave’s background as a repeat founder has helped make him one our most helpful investors. He brings a unique perspective, fun attitude, and effective approach. He supported us from the beginning and has been by our side as we have scaled.”
Aaron King Founder/CEO, Snapdocs
“Jenny’s support has been a transformative opportunity for The Luupe. She’s a true partner on this wild ride and I couldn’t be more excited to have her and the entire Freestyle team on board as we dive deeper into the creator marketplace arena.”
Keren Sachs Founder/CEO, The Luupe
Howie Liu
“You can’t ask for better seed investors … They bring to the table excitement for your vision, experience as real founders, and high respect from the investment community. And best of all, with Freestyle, you’re more than likely to have fun along the way.”
Howie Liu Founder/CEO, Airtable
“The partners at Freestyle are genuinely good people who are personally passionate about the people they back—exactly what you want in early-stage investors.”
Eoghan McCabe Founder/Chairman, Intercom
Jack Conte
“Patreon would not have gotten to where we are without Freestyle…We were lucky to find them!”
Jack Conte Founder/CEO, Patreon

What We Bring to the Table

Our name, Freestyle, implies our approach to life. We’re founders, just like you, and we operate with that same entrepreneurial creativity and passion. Founders Lounge
  • Unique Expertise

    Experienced founders plus established Seed investors for 12+ years.
  • Founder Support

    We spend quality time with founders, supporting both professional and personal growth.
  • Transparent Advice

    Direct, constructive, proactive feedback.
  • Portfolio Platform + Community

    Best in breed events, resources, and more created and curated specifically for early-stage companies.
  • Established Network

    Access to a diverse knowledge pool of market-leaders and operators we’ve built over the past 25+ years.
  • On Demand

    We are active investors, and always make ourselves available when you need us.