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Jack Conte, Sam Yam

Freestyled in 2013

San Francisco
Late Stage

The Freestyle and Patreon Story

Conviction, mission, speed. These are the three reasons why Jack Conte, co-founder and CEO of Patreon, decided to work with Freestyle. When you understand what a company is doing, the problem they’re addressing, who they’re serving and why it’s important, and also believe in the team and the company, it’s easy to make a quick decision. Which is exactly what Freestyle did. In about a week, Patreon had their entire seed round filled by Freestyle.

“If I ever do another company again, Josh would be one of my first phone calls.”

—Jack Conte, Founder, Patreon

“Freestyle was the first to have a lot of conviction, then write a check and put their money where their mouth is,” Jack explained. “It was just the two of us – me and my cofounder – trying to answer every inbound email. It was absolutely nuts. Freestyle gave us the funding to get the team up and running.”

Patreon currently employs 200 people and raised $60M for their Series D round in July 2019.

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