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Aaron King

Freestyled in 2014

San Francisco
Series A

The Freestyle and Snapdocs Story

Freestyle has been an active investor in Snapdocs since the company graduated from YC in 2014. Dave Samuel was hot to invest in the seed round after hearing founder Aaron King’s plan to take on the fragmented mortgage and loan market. Why did Snapdocs choose Freestyle? Aaron describes he decided to initially work with Freestyle because of the GPs’ ability to empathize with him as a founder, but he continued to work with the firm because of their continued support and expertly designed informational dinners and events for founders. Over the past 5 years the Freestyle – Snapdocs relationship has continued to grow, from investing in follow-on rounds to connecting on The Playa. 


It’s great to have 3 partners at Freestyle, all of whom have their own talents, and all of whom work together to make a great team.”

—Aaron King, Founder, Snapdocs

What is Snapdocs? 

Our mission is to perfect real estate closings. Snapdocs is a real estate technology company that helps the many participants in a real estate closing work together more effectively through integration and automation. 

Work at Snapdocs

Today at Snapdocs, we’re working to perfect mortgage closings. If we succeed, more than five million families per year will gain simplicity and transparency as they make the biggest financial decision of their lives: buying a home.