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Ethan Bloch

Freestyled in 2013

San Francisco
Late Stage

The Freestyle and Digit Story

Digit founder Ethan Bloch developed a passion for finance at 13 when he began day trading his Bar Mitzvah money online, only to lose it two years later when the market crashed. Freestyle came into founder Ethan Bloch’s life when Digit was just an idea bouncing around in his head, a bot that would help millions create a path to financial health. Dave, having been a passionate entrepreneur teen as well, hit it off immediately with Ethan and they have remained close ever since.  

“Freestyle has consistently supported me and Digit through thick and thin from the earliest day to the present. It’s been very helpful to have a seed investor who can add value throughout the lifecycle.”

—Ethan Bloch, Founder, Digit

Paying off credit card debt or saving up for a special gift has never been easier. It was easy for Freestyle to see the value in Ethan’s vision and decided it was worth a shot. Now, Digit has over 60 employees and has saved over $1 billion from happy customers.

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We know managing money isn’t easy. Most Americans don’t have enough put away for an emergency, let alone a vacation. At Digit, we’re trying to change that. We think the right technology can make managing personal finances a little easier for everyone.

We’re working to improve people’s financial health, so they can focus on the fun stuff. You should be able to prepare for surprises, needs, and dreams without changing the way you live.

Our team is in this for the journey. If you think these problems are worth solving, then we hope you’ll join us.

— Team Digit