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David Bill

Since I started coding at six years old and discovered my father’s college mainframe at eight years old, I have been in love with programming. This love drew me to 25+ years of technology leadership across a diverse array of startups and companies, including ExactTarget ($2.5B Salesforce acquisition) and Virta Health. I started working with Dave and Josh in 1997 (now 22 years!) to build Spinner ($320MM AOL acquisition), which would soon become one of the best startup experiences of my life. I then became an advisor for their next company, Grouper, so joining Freestyle as Founding Advisor and CTO came naturally. 

Some people run marathons, I CTO for three organizations at once - all without the help of drinking caffeine! I also have 60 software patents, a PhD in foosball, and a knack for hacking my home lighting system and coding home automation projects. I often travel to isolated destinations for distraction-free focused-thinking about the future of tech, humanity, and myself.