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Jenny Lefcourt

After graduating from Wharton undergrad and working for a big company in NYC, I became disillusioned with corporate life. So, I quit my job, backpacked around the world for a year and finally landed back in Palo Alto. I worked at a consumer software company where I launched its Internet division (yes, it was 1996!) and lived through its IPO. This experience got me hooked on the Valley waycombining big ideas, smart people, hard work and a little bit of luck and great things will ensue. I found my way to Stanford business school but dropped out after my first year to co-found my first company, (bought: XOXO) where we aggregated the gift registries of all the major retailers, and after that, Bella Pictures (bought: CPI). I later angel invested in, consulted for and/or advised great entrepreneurs and companies such as Discord, Minted, MainStreetHub, and others before joining Freestyle. I love what I do at Freestyle which is meeting with incredible entrepreneurs on a daily basis and hustling alongside my portfolio companies. I also get tremendous joy from being a founding and active member of All Raise, a non-profit dedicated to increasing diversity in tech.  

During my time offline, I love to spend time with my husband, three kids, and our puppy.  I also hike, travel, scuba dive, read loads of non-fiction and spend time with people who broaden my view of the world and make me laugh (preferably, a lot!)

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