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Josh Felser

After graduating from Duke and then The Fuqua School of Business, I knew I would never fit in as a big company employee. Entrepreneurship drew me in with its [high energy and immense impact potential]. I ended up co-founding Spinner and Grouper/Crackle, acquired by AOL Time Warner and Sony for $320 million and $65 million, respectively. I also co-founded FYI Living, the “Mythbusters” for health information,” and #climate, a non-profit using social media to inspire real action to counter climate change. Founding Freestyle seemed like a natural next step. Early-stage investing was the perfect fit, allowing me to still harness the startup energy and also help companies grow.

Outside the world of VC, you can catch me DJing every summer at Burning Man, trekking the globe, and following my daily Peloton and meditation routine.

Josh Speaks

XCLAIM Raises $6.6M

Exclusive: XCLAIM Raises $6.6M To Democratize The World Of Bankruptcy Claims

Meru Health: Virtual Therapy Startup Raised $8.1 Million

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, and for many people facing hardship, mental health services have become even harder to access without in-person therapy appointments. With surging demand for counseling, a mental health startup has raised $8.1 million to offer virtual therapy.

For the Love of Founders

and their mental health. Freestyle is now offering a mental health initiative to all of our Founders.

Does Your Company NEED to Exist??

About 18 months ago I had an unsettling epiphany: being a venture capitalist can be really boring. I know. I know. This is a first world problem, but it’s my problem nonetheless. And I also recognize that this post is a little self-indulgent.

Freestyle Announces Fund IV

Freestyle is delighted to announce that we have closed our 4th venture capital fund and added Jenny Lefcourt as a full and equal partner. We now have a fresh $90M to invest in all of you high-flying founders. Let it rain.

Therapy is for Libtards!

Yes this post is about therapy for founders :), but I had a twitter exchange on therapy with Sean Hannity that actually inspired me to write this post.

Battle of the Sexists

I am scared. About sharing my thoughts publicly. For the first time. And that’s unlike me. But engaging about women in tech is a minefield and so many choose to stay on the sideline