Small Team +
Big Support

Team Freestyle

We’re small and nimble, serial founders turned venture capitalists. Freestyle has been investing for over 12 years and was one of the first firms started by founders (before it was cool). With us you get the best of both worlds, real-world experience and seasoned investors. Dave & Jenny each have over 25 years in tech, both successfully exiting multiple times, and are experts at getting you from Seed to Series A to 🚀.

Freestyle was founded in 2009 by Dave Samuel and Josh Felser after two successful exits Spinner ($320 Million) and Cracker ($65 Million). Their goal was to fill the current void of VCs who weren’t simply writing checks, that offered real-world, real-time operational advice.

Jenny Lefcourt joined the Freestyle team in 2014 with the shared belief in how VCs can best support founders at the seed stage. Also a serial entrepreneur, she founded (acquired: XOXO) and Bella Pictures (acquired: CPI).

In the summer of 2020, Josh stepped down as full time GP to focus on Climatic VC, a firm investing in companies that help the earth.