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Steve Polsky, John Esrey

Freestyled in 2015

San Francisco
Late Stage

The Freestyle and Juvo Story

Dave and Josh were at the top of Steven Polsky’s list of old friends to contact when it was time for him to raise capital for his startup, Juvo. Josh and Steven then had a nice chat over coffee, so it may have come as a surprise when Juvo’s first pitch to Freestyle ended with a “no.” Juvo was too far along and didn’t fit Freestyle’s typical investment profile. But, after some consideration, everyone at Freestyle loved what Juvo was doing so much that the answer soon turned into a “yes.”

Josh is always there for me when I go seeking advice. He always takes two different perspectives on things: what’s best for the company and what’s best for us personally. I appreciate that perspective.”

—Steve Polsky, Founder, Juvo

What is Juvo? 

Juvo utilizes advanced data science and machine learning technologies to build financial identities for the 3.9 billion people today who lack a formal financial record. Financial identities are creating new revenue opportunities for Mobile Network Operators and Financial Institutions by allowing them to engage with more consumers.

Work at Juvo

Let’s be dead clear. We’re an enthusiastic team of people who are passionate about inventing a better future for people. Oh, and we want to make buckets of money doing it. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, at Juvo, they’re symbiotic. Which means we sleep well at night, and head to the office each day excited. If that sounds like your jam, we’d love to chat.