Josh Turns Toward the

At its core, Freestyle has always been a family business. We have been dear friends for many years, all the while operating at a high level as founders and the managers of Freestyle.

23 years ago Josh and Dave co-founded Spinner, 17 years ago Josh and Dave co-founded Crackle and then 11 years ago Josh and Dave co-founded Freestyle. 8 years ago Molly joined the Freestyle family and a little over 6 years ago Jenny jumped on board. Our tribe was complete and Freestyle’s trajectory was up and to the right.

We have been on quite a journey together as we invested in over 100 startups and genuinely been there for our founders which has led to a personally meaningful founder-friendly brand. We deliver for our LPs and our founders and have fun while doing so.

The Covid-19 crisis has given us the time to profoundly think about what we all want out of our careers and professional relationships. After meaningful collective introspection and dialogue, Josh has stepped away from being a full-time manager at Freestyle. This change gives us each the freedom to pursue our professional missions as we see fit. Josh will always be a co-founder and is now a Board Partner at Freestyle. Given his deep commitment to his founders’ success, Josh will continue to manage his Freestyle portfolio. Building upon his past experience, Josh will be focusing his efforts on companies that foster a more resilient planet with a spotlight on food & water supply, sustainable manufacturing, urban development, climate and disaster mitigation.

With Dave and Jenny at the helm, Freestyle will continue to back and work alongside amazing founders who are building market-defining companies. We’ll be back with more news soon….

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