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Hire, hire, hire! Get organized with this interview process template

Interview Process Template Round 1: Fit screen – Interviewer (Recruiter, if using one)  30 Minutes Round 2: Resume Review Round 3: Founder Screen – Interviewer (Hiring Manager) 45 min  Round 4: Pairing Interview (Interviewer, Interviewer) 45 minutes each Round 5: TBD  Debrief 10 minutes References Process Interview Guide Format Recruiter phone screen (If applicable)  30 … Continued

PEO vs. HRIS – What’s the difference?

By Sherry Wangenheim When you are early stage, HR management can be one of the most challenging issues for an entrepreneur.  Two common solutions that are used during the early seed stage are PEOs and HRIS systems.  Here’s a Q&A that might help you decide what’s right for you. that are often asked: What is … Continued

PEO 101: What are they and is it right for your company?

What is a PEO? A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a people outsourcing firm that provides employee payroll and benefits services for businesses.  The PEO acts as a statutory employer which means that they administer payroll, taxes, and benefits for your employees.  As the employer, you control who you will hire and how much to … Continued

A high level breakdown of HR Functions to implement as your company grows

HR Phases for Companies Phase One 1-5 Employees Bootstrapped and/or light seed Implement payroll system such as Gusto, Justworks, Rippling Implement sick leave Implement company email system  Determine common pool of equity and draft equity paperwork and plans Determine full onboarding and offboarding process and owners Research and identify best program for sexual harassment training … Continued